Lower baseball fields removed

Lower Baseball Fields Master Plan Update

After taking a fresh look at the Park, Nelson Byrd Woltz proposed to divide the land into three zones. These zones would be: athletic, civic/cultural, and natural/ecological. The approval of these zones was the start of the Park’s “Master Plan.” The plan focuses on preservation and enhancements of views and natural improvements- reducing the number of man-made improvements. The proposed changes also included relocating existing improvements and placing new ones into the appropriate zones. Starting with the lower baseball fields.

In April 2021, the lower baseball fields near Hecht Pavilion were removed.  This area will become a part of the “civic/cultural zone.” Meaning, it will include items like an event field with a sculptural mound. All sport fields will be relocated to the “athletics zone” which will be closer to the Park’s Northshore entrance.

As more changes come about and construction begins, Lakeshore Park Conservancy will be keeping the Park’s visitors informed. Continue to check the website and social media for Park Alerts when construction begins. 

For more information about the community feedback or the Park’s overall master plan, click here.

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