Master Plan Update: Lower Ball Field Lights Removed

Nelson Byrd Woltz proposed a design for Lakeshore Park that would divide the land into three zones- athletic, civic/cultural, and natural/ecological. The approval of these zones was the start of the Park’s “Master Plan.” One of the most notable changes made thus far came during Spring 2021. 

The steps taken in April included the removal of the lower baseball fields. This provided a large, empty area near the Hecht Pavilion and waterfront. The only remnants of the fields were the lights that could be seen from the HGTV Overlook. 

On July 28, work continued as a team came in to remove the lights. Park visitors paused their walks to watch as the teams pulled each light down individually causing a large crash. 

The removal of the lights allow the Park to continue advancing towards the end goal of the Master Plan. In addition, the view from the Overlook has been enhanced as it is more beautiful than before.

What’s Next? 

Teams can now come in to grade both that area of the Park and the area where new ball fields will be built. From there, the old field area will be prepped for the next phase of construction.

As the Park continues to change and make enhancements, Lakeshore Park Conservancy will keep all visitors informed.