Discovery Impact Day

Discovery Impact Day - Knoxville, TN

Discovery Inc. strives “to be a company that gives back and benefits their people, communities, value chain, and planet while prioritizing good corporate governance to build a more sustainable future for all.” To show that this mission of theirs is one that they value greatly, the company created Impact Day, annual event where the employees get to interact and make a difference in their communities. (Discovery).

Impact Day is celebrated in several offices that spread across 30+ countries. This year, the Knoxville office chose Lakeshore Park as their place to make a difference.

discovery impact day
Where and How Was An Impact Made At Lakeshore?

Lakeshore Park Conservancy’s staff spent the day with Discovery’s volunteer group tackling the Hank Rappe Playground.

The first thing to conquer: flower beds. It took a good portion of the morning, but the flower beds were cleared of weeds and trash, then new plants went in.

The afternoon crew took on the next assignment- clean the playground from top to bottom. All of the equipment and surfaces were scrubbed and pressure washed leaving them looking like new.

Lakeshore Park Conservancy cannot thank these volunteers enough for choosing Lakeshore Park to be the place they impacted this year. Their time is truly appreciated and their work really did make a difference.