Former Governor Visits Lakeshore Park for Book Signing

Governor Bill Haslam Visits for Book Signing

Courtesy of Raise the Invincible

Bill Haslam, former mayor of Knoxville and governor of Tennessee, added “author” to his list of professional titles and chose Lakeshore Park as the best place for a book signing.

About the Book

Released this past May, Bill Haslam wrote the book “Faithful Presence: The Promise and the Peril of Faith in the Public Square” as a way to make it known that Politics and Faith can work together if done correctly.  Haslam writes, “They seem to forget their calling is to be used by God in service of others rather than to use God to reach their own desires and ends.” Meaning Christians shouldn’t shape their faith around politics but form their politics around their faith.  Though it was based on the Christian belief, there are lessons within the book that fits anyone of any faith. 

Throughout “Faithful Presence…” Haslam talks about his political experiences. While admitting some of his flaws, he also shares the flaws and the experiences of others. He never describes one as an evil person nor does he seem to sway more towards one side over the other when discussing other political figures and decisions. 

All in All..

The evening at Lakeshore Park’s Marble Hall was a beautiful one. It was filled with conversation between Bill Haslam and Hallerin Hill and questions from the public, ending in a book signing. Extra books were provided by Knoxville’s Union Ave Books for purchase. 

The Park appreciates Bill Haslam for choosing Marble Hall to be the place for this insightful event and looks forward to seeing more events like it choosing Lakeshore to be their backdrop. 

Read more about Bill Haslam’s “Faithful Presence..” and about the local shop that supplied books for the event:  Union Ave. Books.

Courtesy of Raise the Invincible