Youth Sports Programs

Hundreds of children participate in youth sports programs at Lakeshore Park every year. The programs include baseball, softball, flag football, lacrosse and soccer. There are programs for boys and girls and for participants from age 3 to age 18.

The sports programs at Lakeshore Park are managed and operated by three separate youth sports organizations:


  • Knox Youth Sports offers the following programs at Lakeshore Park:
  1. Spring and Fall baseball for boys and girls from ages 3 – 12.
  2. Spring and Fall softball for girls from ages 7 – 14.
  3. Spring and Fall lacrosse for boys from ages 8 – 14 and for girls in grades first through eighth.
  4. Spring Challenger League baseball for boys and girls with special needs. Teams are available for both older and younger children.
  5. Summer Challenger League golf for boys and girls of all ages with special needs.
  6. Fall flag football for boys and girls from ages 4 – 14.

AYSO 279

  • AYSO 279 offers Spring and Fall soccer for boys and girls from ages 4 – 18.


  • Knoxville Football Club, also called Knoxville Crush, offers year-round soccer for boys and girls from ages 8 – 18.

If you know a child who would like to play sports at Lakeshore Park, please contact the appropriate organization. All youth sports organizations at Lakeshore Park offer financial aid for qualified families.

Spectators are also welcome at all events. Please check the websites of the youth sports organizations for the current game schedules.

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