New Facilities open at Lakeshore Park

29 Jun


Two new facilities at Lakeshore Park are now open for public use. Marble Hall and the smaller Marble Pavilion are the latest projects to be completed in the Phase 1A construction of Lakeshore Park, and both are in the heart of the magnificent park.

Marble Hall is a 3,000 square foot covered, semi-enclosed pavilion with front and side terraces, restrooms, and a stage. The main hall is approximately 1,800 square feet, which opens onto front and side terraces. There are landscaped planting beds and a landscaped parking lot adjacent to the hall.

The Marble Pavilion is a new 26 x 34 open pavilion on a 60 x 80 foot terrace. The marble for Marble Pavilion came from a quarry in Friendsville, Tennessee operated by Tennessee Marble Company. The marble for Marble Hall came from the same quarry in 1958.

Construction is now over 50% complete. All of the proposed Phase 1A improvements should be ready for use by early 2018. New restroom facilities, parking areas, trail segments, and waterfront areas will be open to the public as soon as those projects are complete.

Most facilities at Lakeshore Park, including Marble Hall and the Marble Pavilion, can be scheduled for special events and private gatherings. The TVA Pavilion, the Hecht Pavilion, the Lakeshore shelter and several lawn areas are also available for public and private use. Click [HERE] for the Lakeshore Park Special Event Fee Schedule.

Lakeshore Park is managed by the non-profit organization by the same name. 100% of the cost of the improvements at the park has been funded through private contributions to Lakeshore Park. Maintenance and operation of the park facilities are funded through private contributions and event usage fees. For more information on scheduling events at the park, visit our website: or call 865-215-1722.

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